Architecture Series Gets a New Home

Jon Edmiston 3 years ago 1 min read

The Architecture video series has been a pet project of mine for the last eight months. Since we’re not at full core funding, however, it’s been done entirely on my personal time. That’s not a gripe, I really enjoy the process of taking an idea, researching it, designing presentations, and providing it to the community.

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The mission of Triumph is to provide the world’s best Rock services. We do this to help the churches who pay for those services, but we also want the revenue from those services to fund the creation of content and tools that we can give back to the Rock Community. The mission of Triumph and the need for better resourcing of the Architecture videos align perfectly. Therefore, we have decided to move the architecture series to a new home on the Triumph website.

Over the next few weeks, you’ll see the current videos move to the Triumph site, some with updated designs to match the Triumph brand, as well as the release of several new videos. These resources will be free to everyone in the Rock Community. To maximize accessibility, we’ll be posting these videos to both the Triumph website as well as our new YouTube channel.

Keep your eyes open for the following upcoming titles:

  1. SQL Is Outside the Castle Wall
  2. Gathering Requirements
  3. Crafting Your Solution
  4. Secret Life of the HTML Block
  5. Tips for Scaling
  6. Basic Load Testing
  7. Convention vs Configuration
  8. Forensic Problem Solving
  9. How Not to Misuse Workflows
  10. Top 10 Things People Do Wrong in Lava
  11. Fringe Features
  12. Freedom!
  13. Bull in a China Shop

I sincerely hope that these videos will help deepen your understanding of Rock and have made you more effective in your ministry. I’m always open for feedback so feel free to reach out to me directly.

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