The Currency of Generosity

Emily Forman 3 years ago 1 min read

You may have heard us say before that Rock is both a product and a community. And I can tell you that we value and want to support both through equally through intentionality and resources. It's definitely not lip service. And it's unusual. So why this focus on community?

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I can tell you why not. It's not because community is easy. It's actually pretty hard. True collaboration is much more complex than independently chasing the bottom line. The real reason is that there is so much more to gained in the end when you have a true community generously working toward a shared purpose. One of our favorite books around here is Give and Take by Adam Grant because it demonstrates the true value of being a giver, especially in the context of community.

  • Givers see community as a vehicle to create value for everyone.
  • Givers establish a new pattern that is literally contagious in groups.
  • Givers thrive in roles where collaboration matters.

“I’ll sum up the key to success in one word: generosity.”

Keith Ferrazzi

What do we plan to do to generously invest in the Rock community? As our team is learning and growing, we are creating high-value content that is directly tied to building successful, highly-engineered Rock solutions. And it's free for everyone, to fuel next-level technical success. We believe in the exponential power of the Rock community to turn knowledge into growth and growth into results. 

Generosity is risky in the professional world, but as we're experiencing it with the Rock community, we're also finding it exponentially more productive and rewarding. I guess the real question is, why doesn't everyone focus on community?

Written By Partner at Triumph

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