The Story of Our Logo

3 years ago 1 min read

When choosing a logo to represent your business, there is much to consider. It should be simple, scalable, memorable, versatile and relevant.

But above all it, it should be deeply connected to your mission. As a Rock Partner and the development team for the core code of Rock RMS, nothing could be more critical to the mission of Triumph Tech than Rock.

And that is why the Rock logo is embedded in the new Triumph logo. While you might see a square, two triangles or a line the first time you view this logo, you'll never look at it the same once you've seen the sketch. Triumph is built on a foundation of Rock, from the mission to the logo.

And this intentional development of our logo is the beginning. Our team is crafting tools and services to better serve the community with a ministry platform like no other, engineered on the foundational vision and systems of Rock. In fact, Rock is not just one of the many products we work with - Rock is all we do. We focus our efforts 100% on building tools to serve the Rock community.

If your ministry is looking for a premiere technology partner, let us know. We'd love to work together.

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