Rock Skills Rubric

Measure your progress in your Rock RMS journey and confirm that your skills and confidence are aligned.

The first step on any journey is knowing where you are and where you're going. At Triumph we've created the following skill rubrics to help us determine where each team member is on their technical journey and what their next step is. We hope they they help you in identifying where you are on your journey and how to go to the next level.

Note: If there is interest in the community we are considering creating an assessment / certification offering based off of these rubrics. If this is something you're interested in please let us know.

Practical Advice for Implementation

Below are a few thoughts about how we implement these rubrics internally and how to interpret their meaning.

  1. Above all please realize these scales are not used as a judgment tool but rather as a guide to determine areas for growth on your journey of learning Rock.
  2. The context of these scales is centered around Rock, not the specific technology. An individual can be an expert in SQL, but we're measuring their knowledge of SQL as it pertains to Rock.
  3. We've implemented these scales with rigor internally because we're not interested in a quick finish but rather a deep understanding of both the how and why of Rock.
  4. We've tried to balance clarity and concise. Sometimes this can be a little vague. We'll continue to tighten this up wihout being too verbose. We're not trying to create a set of boxes to check, but rather provide a framework for growth.
  5. Probably the most difficult measure is the rigor one applies to the scales. Consider: "Has a thorough knowledge of all Lava filters and their proper usage." We don't mean "have all filters memorized with all parameters". We mean more that you know of the existence of all Lava filters with a high-level understanding of optional parameters. You may not be able to type it into your Lava, but you know it exists and can navigate directly to it in the documentation.

    This leaves some gray area for interpretation. We'd recommend in these cases to lean into a more rigorous grading of your knowledge.

  6. Most important, enjoy your journey in learning Rock. Don't try to rush through to 'check all of the boxes'. It is only at the end of a journey that you realize the journey has just begun.